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Ceramic Casstte

The Ceramic cassete offers an all in one solution for firing of either components or powders. These cassete can be stacked directly on top of each other at Temperatures up to 1650 C. Reduced wall thickness over traditional high alumina or mullite refractory cassete can lead to increased product loading, further weight reduction, decreased cycle time.

We product cassete for the application range up to 1750°C. We coordinate the respective cassete type and quality with our customers, depending on the chemical, thermal and geometric requirements. Our long years of experience in manufacturing cassete guarantees long service lives and high-speed heating cycles.

1. Advanced ceramics

low density

high hardness

high mechanical strength

dimensional stability (specific stiffness)

resistance to wear

resistance to corrosion (resistance to chemical attack)

weathering resistance

high working temperature

low or high thermal conductivity

good electrical insulation

dielectric and ferroelectric properties

2. Properties of the material:


Corundum mullite

Surface roughness


Surface of the contact rate






Water Absorption


Bending strength(Mpa)


Compression strength(Mpa)


Dielectric constant ∑(1MHz)


Max operation temperature


Applications Magnetic materials, MIM powder metallurgy, etc

3. Use range / applications:

3.1 For firing of heavy loads pressed mullite and mullite-alumina plates have excellent resistance to sagging. Engineered compositions make smooth and flat surfaces possible while maintaining excellent thermal shock properties.

3.2 For small parts firing, Innovacera offers machinable, low mass alumina fiber based compositions that eliminate the need for costly hard tooling. This allows manufacturers to customize setter configuration without costly mold charges. Low mass setters exhibit excellent thermal shock properties and by reducing the mass of the overall furnace load. This enables rapid furnace turnaround for firing parts that can withstand rapid cooling rates.

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