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Ceramic Foam Filter Plate

Ceramic Foam Filter Plate:

Rectification Function: After placing ceramic foam filter among the casting system, the obstruction of metal liquid flow increases. The metal liquid changes its flow regime in the casting system. It can flow slowly into the casting mould cavity along the casting system. Thus it is difficult to produce vortex, making the metal liquid changed from the turbulence into laminar flow and filling the mould steadily. It also brings the casting system’s function of blocking dregs into play.

Machinery Sieving: There are a large number of oxides, slag and other big pieces of impurities mixing in the metal liquid. A large amount of inclusion can be sieved through the ceramic foam filter in the mechanical method by selecting the suitable aperture for use.

Filter Cake Mechanism: As the ceramic foam filter has tri-dimensional netted structure, it can block dregs high-efficiently. Many impurities that are greater than the filter hole are caught in the filter network entrance. With the inclusion quantity increasing, “filter cake”, composed of big inclusion, are formed on the surface of filter network entrance. Filter cake makes the liquid attenuated and part of the impurities, those sizes are smaller than the hole, are also caught in the “filter cake”. The network of filtering can block some bits that can’t go up. The blocked bits produce the filter function again by themselves, namely filter two-way.

Absorbing Mechanism: Ceramic foam filter network has a heavy surface area, so it is good for absorbing a large amount of small particles. Metal liquid is cut into tiny liquid flow unit through filter network and the contacting area between metal melting body and filter medium increases. A lot of tiny inclusions are absorbed on the filter screen as the gravitation function. This absorption relies mainly on unselected physical absorption multimolecular layer. In this way the inclusions are sieved in the network shelf layer till it blocks.

  • For the most conventional silicon carbide ceramic foam filter, the maximum use temperature is less than 1500 ° C
  • The resistance for impact strength of foam ceramic filters is poor than straight channel ceramic filters, the choice of the same size filter, the suggestion is properly increasing the thickness of 50~75%.
  • 80~90% porosity of foam ceramic filter make metal liquid flow smoothly.
  • Labyrinth channel make sand and slag is more easily blocked.

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